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Commercial Tanks

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Tanklogic are able to provide high quality fuel storage tanks for your commercial needs.

We understand how important it is to match your requirements for tanks, dispensing accessories and monitoring devices.


Tanks can be a big investment, that’s why tanklogic offer flexible payment options to help your business.


Commercial Tanks

Suitable for a wide range of sectors.

Tanklogic offer a wide range of products to suit your business that are designed and manufactured to meet environmental guidelines. 

We offer a range of Metal and Plastic Tanks from manufacturers with proven quality and history. Sizes range from 500 – 120,000 litres, build bespoke to your exact specification.

Available in multiple shapes and sizes, if you are in need of a fuel tank contact our helpful advisors today!


We understand how important it is to match your requirements with the right storage tank.

Tanklogic offers an extensive range of plastic and steel bunded tanks in all different sizes from cubes to cylinders which are built and installed to meet all kinds of applications. We can even manufacture oil tanks to your specific requirements when necessary.

From 500L oil tanks right up to large scale 120,000L tanks, we can provide whatever you need and professionally install it for you whilst adhering to strict health and safety guidelines.

If you would like to speak to one of our tank specialists today
contact us on 01376 574 410 or alternatively email

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With ilogic
keeping your fuel
tank monitored



Our ilogic monitoring service offers you the protection you need. The worlds first battery driven radar level monitor

offers you a reorder service, saving you time and money.

Never run out of fuel again

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Avoid emergency delivery charges

No returned product fees

No chance for production to be down due to no fuel on site


Prevent fuel theft

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