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Business Phone Systems

Proudly partnered with Evergreen

Business Phone Systems

We’ll make it simple to work and communicate from anywhere.

If you require any assistance or advice please feel free to get in touch with our team and one of our Technical Loop Advisors will give you a call back. 


We are proud to have partnered with Evergreen insurance services.

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A complete range of communication solutions to help you grow your business. Enable your team to work more efficiently and productively from anywhere. Reduce costs and get set up quickly with our full support.

Work productively from anywhere.

Cloud business phone systems that fit your needs 

We offer three cloud based ways to communicate, giving you the freedom to choose what fits your business needs. Modernise your communications, reduce costs and get set up quickly with our full support.


8 x 8 Cloud Telephone

Secure, reliable technology from a global integrated cloud communications provider.

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Gamma Horizon Telephone

Voice, mobile and connectivity products for all business sizes.

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Leverage what you already have. Turn Microsoft Teams into your new business phone system.

On-Premise Business Phone Systems

Maintain full control over your telephone with an on-premise PBX. For organisations with the infrastructure and resource to manage their own systems.

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