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Fuel Solutions


Fuelogic specialise in fuel cost management and have become industry leaders in cutting fuel costs.

Fuelogic offer a cast selection of ongoing fuel cost saving utilities, enabling us to ensure our customers are receiving the best packages within the fuel market.

Products we offer

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Fuel Cost Management

Find the best fuel card for your business

Find the best fuel card package for your business. Supporting any type of fleet, large or small, we have different options to suit your fuel spend.



With access to nationwide coverage at over 3,000 fuel stations, your drivers can locate a station easily with no route deviation

View our full range of fuel cards


Fuelogic can supply a range of products with national delivery, including emergencies.


Our main products are:


  • Diesel

  • Gas oil

  • Kerosene

  • HVO

  • GTL


If you have any questions or want to get a price based on your requirements, click here


Keep your fleet moving



Simple and Effective Solution

AdBlue is needed to meet legal emission standards to improve public health and reduce the UK’s overall emissions footprint. Beyond the legal requirements of its usage, AdBlue also helps to reduce the number of harmful pollutants released from diesel-engine vehicles.

Amlogic provide a nationwide service of high quality AdBlue products to all types of commercial customers in a variety of sizes, ranging from small 20L packs, 1000L IBC through to large bulks. 



Enhance your fuel

Fuel additives are concentrated, technically-driven products formulated to provide best in class performance for any application. We can deliver our fuel additives in various container sizes ranging from 50ml bottles to 1,000 litre IBCs and even in bulk if required.

Our commercial customers have found that using fuel additives to upgrade fuel quality and/or by enhancing equipment performance has resolved many actual and potential problems and as a result has substantially enhanced their business in all respects.

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