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What we offer

Our business, Fuelogic offers a range of divisions including fuel cost solutions to keep your company moving in the right direction.


Fuelogic is one of the largest independent fuel card and bulk fuel providers in the UK, partnered with the top brands in the fuel industry such as Shell, Esso, Keyfuels, UK Fuels and Texaco.


Supplying bulk fuel accros all UK industries; White & red diesel, HVO, kerosene, GTL, Ultra 35, Adblue & Lubricants.


Our ever-growing network of EV charging points consists of fast speed charging points at convenient locations for your drivers. Driving down the Co2 emissions together.

Screenshot 2022-03-04 at 10.36.16.png

Bulk fuel tanks can be purchased and installed for commercial or domestic clients. For more information please contact one of our specialists.

The worlds first battery driven radar level monitor which allows clients to rely on a service to reorder fuel, saving time and money.

Our green division supporting  all industries across the UK delivering reliable competitive fuel to help ensure you never run out of fuel. With nationwide coverage, we’ll always ensure that you receive your orders on time.

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