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Proudly partnered with Evergreen

IT Services for a modern digital workplace

We will listen to your needs and assess your current portfolio of IT systems and suggest helpful improvements to keep your business secure, more productive and working collaboratively.

Now more than ever, cloud systems are critical for remote working and IT services are essential for making it all happen. Imagine having an efficient digital workplace where all of your people are communicating, collaborating and working productively from anywhere. We can make that happen using Microsoft Cloud technologies.


A single secure solution on Sharepoint Office 365 and Teams, combined with communication tools can make work easier and more enjoyable for everyone especially with an outsourced help desk for end user support.



just a phone
call away


A complete range of communication solutions to help you grow your business. Enable your team to work more efficiently and productively from anywhere. Reduce costs and get set up quickly with our full support.

Work productively from anywhere.

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We can help you upgrade your IT systems, move to the cloud and transform how you operate. We make it easy.


Microsoft Office 365

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Organise your staff and keep them connected while working remotely with Microsoft 365. Choose from a range of products enabling you and your employees to work from anywhere, at any time. Plus, with secure backup and recovery, you’ll have complete peace of mind at all times too.

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Work collaboratively with others

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Work seamlessly across multiple devices

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Office 365 Admin area for you

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Editing documents

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Sharing contacts

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Sharing calendars

We are proud to have partnered with Evergreen insurance services.

Want to get a quote? Please complete the below form and attach your current policy. An expert will then get back to you to explore the best options for your business

Helpdesk Support

Gain peace of mind that our helpdesk is there to diagnose and fix everyday IT problems quickly. No lost time,  your team can focus on their priorities, working productively and take care of business for you.  

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Desktop and LAN support 

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Office 365

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Microsoft Teams 

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Remote support using to fix problems quickly 


Reduce costs and transform your business into a digital workplace by moving your IT systems to the cloud.

Every organisation has different requirements and Loop will spend time understanding what yours are, so you get the best possible solution, making remote access simple and maintenance easy. 


Managed IT Services

Outsource your IT management to a team of experts so you can concentrate on your core business and reduce your operations costs. Loop offers a comprehensive service offering: 

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Onsite support from skilled engineers

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Backups and security

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Proactive monitoring and management

of IT systems

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Virtual IT Manager

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Cloud based subscriptions management

and admin

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Move emails to the cloud 

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Server migration

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