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Carbon Offsetting Solutions

Your contribution to a net zero future.


Carbon offsetting allows environmentally conscious companies to bring about economic, social and health benefits to different communities whilst committing to reducing your business’ impact on the climate and environment.


Differentiate your business from the competition by taking a proactive approach to tackling climate change and reducing global carbon emissions.

This is the year to start making a difference for your business and our global future.

Carbon offsetting has a positive effect on the globe from reducing

global warming and deforestation impact.

Products you can offset

Here at Fuelogic we can offset a wide range of products:

Fuelogic Carbon Offset.png


Fuelogic Carbon Offset-10.png

Ultra 35

Fuelogic Carbon Offset-12.png


Fuelogic Carbon Offset-13.png


Fuelogic Carbon Offset-11.png

Red Diesel

How does it works? 

Fuelogic Carbon Offset.png

1. You opt in to

Fuelogic Carbon Offset.png
Fuelogic Carbon Offset.png

2. Category

Fuelogic Carbon Offset.png
Fuelogic Carbon Offset.png

3. Secure

You will opt into carbon offsetting programme.

We agree on the carbon offset category, forestry or renewable projects.

Fuelogic secures the carbon offsetting for you and we purchase the equivalent carbon credits to the litreages of fuel agreed.

Fuelogic Carbon Offset.png
Fuelogic Carbon Offset.png

4. Proof of

Fuelogic issues a carbon reduction certificate and report which details a break- down of emissions and the project.


What projects will your offsetting cover?

Fuelogic separates voluntary carbon projects into two categories which you,

the customer can choose from either of the below options to be apart of:

Fuelogic Carbon Offset-09.png
Fuelogic Carbon Offset-10.png

Reduction - Reduction these projects involve the removal of CO2e from the atmosphere - generally forestry projects

Prevention - these projects prevent future emissions by displacing carbon intensive forms of energy generation - generally renewable energy projects

a difference.

Our chosen verification Standards


Verification standards that certify our carbon offsetting.



Q - How do we know the carbon offset has been made?

A Fuelogic carbon offsetting is certified under the Verified Carbon Standards ‘Verra’. The verified carbon standard (VCS) program is the world’s most widely used greenhouse gas (GHG) crediting program.

Q - How much is it to offset?

A Carbon offsetting is based on a pence per litre charge for the litreage you wish to offset. For a formal quote please contact us.

Q - What proof do I get that I have carbon offset?

A At the end of the month you will receive a verified certificate detailing the amount of voluntary carbon credits purchased which is relevant to the amount of fuel used (in litres) and the equivalent CO2 output that the product has emitted.

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