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Meet the fabulous team behind Fuelogic

We have a dedicated team of professional individuals who pride themselves on excellent customer service and outstanding teamwork, giving you the ultimate business experience.

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Antonio Iameo

CEO and Founder

Founder of Fuelogic, Antonio has over 25 years experience in the fuel industry, running many successful businesses in the UK. In 2009, whilst operating his own logistics company, he found that the fuel card market was deceptive with hidden costs which businesses were unaware of. This led to him setting up his own trusted fleet cost solution company, Fuelogic.


Nipuna Ukwatte

Chief Finance Officer

Nipuna joined amlogic in December 2014. Nipunas qualifications & financial experience has been helping amlogic to expand and provide day to day accountancy advice. Nipuna is responsible for giving direction and leading the rest of the finance team, helping ensure the company’s goals are met and that it continues to grow.


Kylie Rollingson

Senior Fuel Cost Analyst

Kylie joined Fuelogic in October 2013. Kylie is responsible for reaching out to new clients and always ensuring the provision of excellent customer service. As Senior Fuel Cost Analyst, Kylie uses her thorough and focused work ethic along with her industry expertise to benefit customers with our free fuel bill analysis service.


Daisy Avent

Head of Finance

Daisy joined Fuelogic in April 2016. Daisy is responsible for handling the Fuelogic customer accounts so the department runs smoothly and efficiently. Daisy has strong communication skills and has a willingness & enthusiasm to always help others. Daisy is known by customers for her bubbly & infectious personality.


Gemma Stones

Chief Operating Officer

Gemma joined Fuelogic in April 2015 as a new business developer and has now taken the responsibility of COO. Gemma is responsible for increasing sales & working on continuous improvement ideas to increase efficiency & effectiveness. Gemma has great relationships with many clients, ensuring our clients receive an enjoyable experience.


Katie Farthing

Managing Director

Katie joined Fuelogic in September 2014. Katie is responsible for the strategic development of the business, keeping day to day operations effective. Katie reviews supply chains to increase services and products available to clients at the highest standard, as well as keeping her team well motivated.

adelle transparent.png

Adelle George

Customer Relations Manager

Adelle joined Fuelogic in November 2021. Clients notoriously know Adelle for her polite telephone manner and her upbeat approach to resolving situations. With her positive attitude and motivated work ethic, Adelle certifies fantastic service and quick solutions to any queries.


Michelle Farrell

Accounts Assistant

Michelle joined Fuelogic in September 2021.

Michelle is responsible for handling the Fuelogic accounts; her high level of organisation and efficiency ensures that she does this promptly and proficiently. Michelle can assist customers with invoice queries and provide a quick solution to customers.

Ellie clark_edited.png

Ellie Clark 

Accounts Assistant

Ellie joined in July 2023. Ellie is responsible for handling the Fuelogic accounts as part of the finance department. She is a dedicated part of the accounts team, always on hand to help with customer queries and has excellent organisational skills, making her a key part in how the business operates.

Joel Asante

Marketing Manager

Joel joined in October 2023 as our marketing manager developing our websites, social media & mail campaigns for the business, His ability to create captivating content and a structured approach help us reach our business goals.

Joel is responsible for managing the Fuelogic & Greenlogic brand, analysing data and creating and managing campaigns across all platforms.


Meet the senior team

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